Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd. Fulfills Its Commitment

In April 2015, representatives of the Delisle Walwyn Group of Companies presented office supplies, sick bay mattresses and sheets and developmental tools to the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School to assist the teachers in their efforts to inspire, teach and develop their differently abled students. During that ceremony the company representatives were treated to morning devotion and songs by the students, with improvised drumming by some students using old desks.

 At that time, with a friendly word of encouragement from the Principal of the school, Mrs Charmaine Blanchette, the company committed to source and donate a professional drum set so that the students would have the benefit of proper musical equipment to produce the harmonious beats of their morning devotion and school ceremonies.

 In keeping with its promise to the school, at the start of the 2016 school term representatives of Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd. presented a brand new 5-piece drum set to the school. The excitement on the students’ faces was infectious as they hurriedly set up the drum set to pound out the first beats. The brief hand over ceremony included the team from Automotive Art, a franchise owned by Delisle Walwyn Group, who were there on their own accord to present a monetary donation to the Special Olympics Committee to aid with the Committee’s development of differently abled athletes.

 Delisle Walwyn & Co. Ltd is proud to contribute to the development of the students at the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School and salutes the administration and teachers of the school for the inspiring and important work they do.