Tropical Shipping and SCASPA Partner to Promote Environmental Responsibility

Tropical Shipping and the St Christopher Air and Sea Ports Authority (SCASPA) continue to lead the industry in innovation and corporate responsibility via a strategic and timely ‘Green’ initiative collaboration.

At a brief meeting in April, Mr. Denzil James, CEO of SCASPA, Mr. Mark Lopez, Assistant Vice President of the Eastern Caribbean Trade of Tropical Shipping,
and Mr. Bernie Greaux, Island Manager of Tropical Shipping all discussed and agreed on opportunities to assist with the cleaning up of the environment. Both organizations are hopeful that this partnering initiative would encourage other local business entities to come on board in the collection and packaging of recyclable waste such as cardboard, plastics and glass bottles for shipping outside of
St Kitts and Nevis to other entities that recycle these items.

The management of Tropical Shipping and SCASPA have ensured that this initiative is two pronged in its approach, firstly that it generates awareness of the ‘Green’ environment and the responsibility of St. Kitts and Nevis as a nation contributing to the global environment picture; secondly that the facilitation and implementation are affordable and sustainable in the long term to all entities involved.

 The Management and staff of Tropical Shipping and SCASPA are elated to be part of such a rewarding initiative and take this opportunity to encourage companies and organizations in the business of waste collection and recycling to utilize this opportunity in our role as corporate citizens.